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The committee members and their roles within the club are listed below. If you want to find out more about the club and how to get involved, e-mail the president -

Phil Erm

The president is in overall charge of the club, organising the rest of the committee and generally making sure everything runs smoothly.

Emma Kemmish

The secretary is in charge of all the clubs correspondence, keeping everyone informed of what’s going on, running around checking the rest of us are doing our jobs and generally dealing with the day to day working of the club. They are also responsible for the upkeep of the website and club chats.

Fran Hardyman

The treasurer keeps track of how much, or little money we have to spend and all the other financial aspects of the club. Please see Payments if you need to pay the club some money.

Jenny Strange & Emma Sumner

The captain organises the competitive events in which the club takes part, in all disciplines. If you’re interested in competing in freestyle, slalom, polo, marathon or ww racing at any level, drop them an e-mail to find out whats going on. The Captain now also preforms the duties of the polo secretary and is responsible for organising polo training and events.

Coaching and Safety Officer
Thom Haynes

The coaching and safety officer organises all the coaching that the club does and attempts to make sure we do things safely. Contact him if you’re interested in taking a course or anything else relevant.

Welfare Officer
Callum Fairbairn

The welfare officer is responsible for promoting welfare centred practices within the club and acts as an initial contact for members who have any club-related welfare concerns.

Publicity and Fundraising Officer
David Kempton

The publicity and fundraising officer is in charge of encouraging new people to join. They organise the freshers fair and come-and-try-it afternoons. They also find money for new kit.

Social Secretary
Aberami Shanmugarasa

The social secretary organises all the events we do off the water, from pub meets to formals and other events. E-mail or find them at our weekly social if you have any questions related to the clubs social side.

Equipment Officer
Adam Pullin

The kit officer is in charge of all our equipment, buys us new stuff and mends all the things that get broken. Get in touch with them if you want to lend a hand, have any questions about our kit, or about personal boat storage.

Trip Officer
Max Cockerill

The trip secretary is responsible for organising epic white water trips out of Cambridge.

IT Officer
Gemma Penson

The IT Officer is responsible for the upkeep of the website, and looking after any other computing services required by the club.

General Committee Members
Georgina Dunkinson, Zoe Sansum-Wall & Parley Yang

The general committee members are here to help the rest of us so the club can run smoothly .

Senior Treasurer
Sam Waller

The senior treasurer makes sure that the committee works properly.