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Selection Policy

**Selection Policy – August 2020** Download as PDF. ### Policy Objective This policy is to enable the club Captain and selection committee to fairly and equitably select members of the Canoe Club for Varsity events, BUCS Canoe Polo, BUCS Canoe Slalom, and BUCS Wild Water Racing. ### Performance Objective To provide competitive opportunity and diversified playing experience for Club members and to take a team and of members which has a reasonable chance of achieving victory in each of the above events. ### Eligibility Criteria To be eligible athletes must be paid up members of the Canoe Club, and have matriculated to the University of Cambridge. The Club will enter as many athletes into each event as is practicable and reasonable. Those wishing to participate in BUCS must be on the BUCS Play app and have completed all entry information before the relevant event's sign up date on the BUCS website ( Any athlete failing to do so will not be considered for selection. ### Selection Criteria The Captain will decide who will be selected from the pool of eligible individuals on the basis of their perceived abilities in each discipline. In the specific case of polo, the Captain will also account for each individual's participation in training throughout the year and any feedback provided by the polo coach. The Captain's proposed selection list will then be subject to further approval by a selection panel consisting of the President, Coaching and Safety Officer, and Welfare Officer. If the panel is unable to agree unanimously on the proposed list after consulting with the Captain, the final selection will instead be undertaken by the full Club committee. Any member of the panel or Club committee that is also eligible for selection must declare the potential conflict of interest prior to the deliberation process beginning. In instances where a conflicted individual's selection is in question they may wish to abstain from the discussion. All athletes must be in good standing with the Club and University at the time of the competition. Any athlete not in good standing will be deselected. ### Informing Athletes Unsuccessful athletes will be informed by the Captain on why they have not been selected. Successful athletes will be informed via email, which will also contain the competition pack. All selected athletes are asked to bear in mind other athletes who have not been selected for the event and recognise the impact this may have on them. ### Appeals Process Athletes wishing to appeal should follow the complaints process outlined in the Club constitution.