Varsity 2014

10/05/2014, River Cam Cambridge
Open Canoe polo – Cambridge 4, Oxford 3
Women’s Canoe polo – Cambridge 0, Oxford 7
Open Marathon – Oxford win overall, (counting Cambridge times Sam Plummer 25:54 1st,JackTawney 32:52 =6th,Marthe de Ferrer 32:52 6th)
Women’s Marathon – Oxford win overall, counting Cambridge times Marthe de Ferrer 32:52 2nd
Charlotte Barrett-Hague 36:17 4th Hazel Jenkins 52:48 7th

11/05/2014, Lee Valley White Water Centre, Hertfordshire
Open freestyle – Oxford win

A later than anticipated varsity weekend was held, due to heavy rains prior to Easter rendering rivers unsafe. This led to a short intense training period being held at the start of term. All teams played well and with enthusiasm, the women’s score line, indicating the relative inexperience of the squad, and the loss of a goal keeper.
The men’s match was more evenly fought, and at times very tense, with certain aspects of the rules at times overlooked, particularly considering the venue was half regulation width.

The marathon result hides excellent individual performances by Samuel Plummer (Jesus) who was several seconds short of breaking the course record in a strong unfavorable wind and Marthe de Ferrer (St Johns) who came 2nd in the womens competition.

Women’s freestyle, Open wild water race, women’s wild water race, were all indefinitely postponed